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Save The Speakeasy  is a nonprofit organization. 100% of donated funds will be used to pay Johnny’s legal bills and/or to rebuild the Speakeasy. All personal efforts on Johnny’s behalf are through the use of donated time.


Background image by Chuck Marshall of Life in Michigan blog


Wednesday, June 12, 7:00 pm Eastern

Johnny Williams paid AAA Insurance for a premium replacement policy for 30 years, but when a devastating fire destroyed his home in 2022, AAA was not there for him. After over a year of delays, AAA is now suing Johnny to force a settlement far below the replacement value. To add insult to injury, AAA also unceremoniously kicked him off the temporary housing rider he is entitled to. Johnny is now living in a partially heated old schoolhouse 220 miles from his hometown.

For 30 years Johnny has opened his home to hundreds of musical acts and thousands of friends, old and new, without ever taking a dime of the money collected for the performing artists. In fact just the opposite – Johnny went to great lengths at his own expense to turn the Speakeasy, a unique rathskeller-type structure under his home that has hosted music since the 1920’s, into one of the best places to see live music anywhere.

Please help support this historic venue and a man who has spent his life giving to others. 

Help us Bring Johnny Home!

What so many are saying about Johnny and the Speakeasy

If you love house concerts in general, know that he is the best of why we love house concerts and his venue I have personally played since the 90’s! It is beyond special to me. It was formative. It needs to survive.

Jeff Plankenhorn

From the instant I stepped inside, an aura of love and warmth enveloped the space.  Undoubtedly, Johnny’s Speakeasy radiates love and light throughout the community.

Rachel Lynn

The family we made at those shows is such a treasure to us. I wish everyone could experience a show at Johnny’s Speakeasy, but now it seems like it might not be possible… Come on Triple A. Step up and do what you’ve been paid to do. It’s a simple thing and it’s the right thing.

Wild Ponies

In The News

CBS News

CBS News

Meredith Bruckner recently spent time with Johnny inside the burned Speakeasy, getting an update on the state of where things currently stand.

Life in Michigan

Life in Michigan

A great article and pictures by Chuck Marshall, recapping the magic of our first benefit concert at The Ark.  

Fundraiser Huge Success!

Fundraiser Huge Success!

Hard to put into words the gratitude we have for all who showed up, performed, gave their time and dollars to help us raise over $30,000! This is an amazing start but we are a long way from done and hope we can keep this momentum going! We've got several concerts...

Many of the musicians that have played Johnny’s Speakeasy:

Flying Latini Brothers, Four String Quartet, Geeves & Jesse, Hummingbirds, Jeff & Vida, Lisa Pappas, Matt Housh, Michael Smith, Mustard’s Retreat, Rickety Nelsons, Tricia Alexander, Gemini, Delta 88, Dan Hall, Capital Sun Rays, Summer, Delany & Sharp, Enzo Gonzales, Ghetto Billies, Jim Roll, 3rd Nature II, Charlie Weaver, Heidi Synder, David Mosher, Bros. & Sis. of Love, Corndaddy, Al Hill & Postcards, Rosie Chapman, Royal City, Adam Dudding, Jennifer Ebb, Eric Noden, Ann & John Vring, Edwin Grob, David Menefee, Karen Hegarty, Chad & Cathyrn, Crowbar, Django Haskin, Pittsfield Ramblers, Brian Lillie, Michael Kerwin, Bill’s Cajun, Sirens, Whit Hill & Postcards, DEJ Singh, Jason Dennie, Paul Dusan, North Country Opera, Joanie & Dave, Orion, Danny Klein, John Latini, Aunt Ester, Chris Buhalis, Cadillac Cowboys, Eric Kelly, Gold Eagle Pro., Sari Brown, Comedy Central, Annie and Rod Capps, Milroys, Matt Watroba, The Fair Isle String Quartet, Bob Skon, Dale Osborne, Eric Roberts, Dublin Station, Kitty Donohoe, Faib Sale String Quartet, Alex & Naomi, Alex Arnst & Twilight Hotel 1, Twilight Hotel, Johnny Briggs, Trees, Billy King, Jan Krist, Jamie Sue Seal, Tim Thompson, Jack Spack, Claudia Schmidt, Dave Boutette, Motor City Side Strokers, Corrine West, Chuck Brodsky, Chris Bathgate, Jet Rod, Andry/Mark & Traci II, White Crow, Potters Field, Tim and Miles (Heather), Cairn to Cairn, Jay Steilstra, Giraffe, Frank Allison, Orpheum Bell, Amber Lee, Doug & Telisha Williams, Katie Lee, Joel Palmer, Dana Cooper, Love’s It, Rollie Tussing, Andru Bemis, Heather Styka, Some Velvet Evening, Bob Stash, Younce Guitar Duo, Wayward Roots, Dave Keeney, Lindsay Lou, Shari Kane and Dave Steel, Lac LaBelle, The Webbs, Greenhills High School Jazz Band, Bill Bynum, Robert Stark, Bowdish Boys, Sigrid Christiansen, Billy Brandt, Dan Orcutt, Amy Saari, Stella, Sandor Slomovitz, Stray Birds, Judy Banker, Hoodang, Cosy Sheridan, Carpenter Ants, Chris Dupont, Bottle Rocket Caberet, Matt Jones, Emily Slomovitz, Waynewood Boys, Lauren Crane, John Holkebeor, Billy Strings, Jill Jack, Kevin Meisel, Derek Daniel, Donna Creighton, Thunderwude, Nessa, Mark Lavengood, Cold Tone Harvest, Brad Philips, Jacob Warren, Mondays Supper, Whit and Al Hill, Gurf Morlix, Peter Case, Don Julin, True Falsettos, Jaimie Marvin, Misty Lynn, Dave Sharp, Matt Combs, Scott Simontacchi, Malcolm Holcombe, Jen Sygit, Diamonds in the Rust, Chris Good, Michelle Held, Claudia Buzzetti, Emily Rose, Michael McNevin, Sally Barris

How Can You Help?

There are many many ways you can help from donations, spreading the word, letter writing campaigns and more.